Telangana NRI Forum

London Bonalu cultural programs:

Date: 6th Saturday July

Venue : Cranford College HOUNSLOW

Our values are on display everyday in so many ways for our family, friends and community to observe. It is important to instill these values in our children and encourage them pass on to the next generation. What is the most important to pass on to the next generation are our culture and values. 

Many of our children children are learning various cultural activities like music, dance, mimicry but they do not have a platform to showcase their talent.  We are giving an opportunity to children to display their performance in our Bonalu event.

Your children might be interested in sharing information about their culture, tradition in the form a performance dance or music. Please encourage them to be get involved in activities and celebrate your child's personal identity.

Our motto is to inspire young minds and build their cultural identity, confidence and self esteem. 

Let's Create Something Together

If your child interested in participating in cultural activities please contact us ASAP.

Contact details: 07472 188688/07890512362/07540941243